Google are making more changes to their analytics interface. Today, the company announced plans to give users a new home/landing page that will display after you login.

The new home page will give you summary performance, bringing data from various reports, including real-time data, traffic sources, user location, devices used to visit your website and so forth.
There is some customisation involved, too — if you have goals or e-commerce setup, you will be presented with a different home page than those without, for example. The various reportlets on the new home page will also offer date filters like “last 7 days” and “last 30 days” — so no need to dive into the various reports for those views, making top line understanding much simpler.

The new homepage replaces the current Audience Overview report, which focuses on metrics like sessions, unique users, page views and pages per visit (among other data points). Although that report is still available by clicking on the Audience tab in Google Analytics’ menu.

Google says all of this is launching “to all users over the next few weeks.” It’s the latest in a series of changes to the Google Analytics desktop UI that began rolling out in October 2016.

Here are a couple screen shots of the new home page from Google’s announcement:


Users will also see a new “Discover” tab in the menu, down in the lower left above the Admin tab. This new section will serve as a guide to related Google Analytics products and educational materials.

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