With over 15 years’ digital experience, working both client and agency side, I help businesses convert more through their website. Through a deep understanding of both website conversions along with online marketing, I will show you how to measure your site performance and increase success using web analytics.

Data-driven marketing is essential while understanding drives actionable insights. If it’s worth spending time and money on generating traffic, it’s worth knowing how it converted, otherwise you are just pouring time and money down the drain.

I am a proficient and avid user of both Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics. I will help you drive high-quality traffic to your site, track it then make sense of it all.

Why work with me?

I strongly believe in having fun while working with great people, I put the Fun in Funnel. My approach is through empowerment, and my aim is to increase standards in both understanding and overall use of web analytics.

Sound like someone you would like to work with?
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