If you have an e-commerce website, here are 5 things that you should be doing to increase your sales.

1. Build a Trust Funnel

Build a What? I hear you say…

Consider that 95% of purchases are made based on emotion, you need to build trust with your audience if you want them to buy from you as opposed to your competitors.

How do you do this?  By creating a content first approach to your products and/or services, you are educating your audience on the product/service rather than just listing a product and asking them to buy.

We are naturally researchers, so help your audience, give them the information they would need to make an informed decision.  Become the go to person in your field.

Having a content led approach has other benefits such as contributing to your SEO efforts and positioning you as a thought leader.

The content builds rapport with your audience.  You educate them first then sell to them once you have their trust.

2. Focus on Gratification

Don’t feel that you need to compete with the delivery benchmarks of the giants such as Amazon.  If you make false promises just to get an order, that you can’t deliver on, you are starting the relationship with your customer on the back foot.  A bad customer experience is likely to result in bad word of mouth and poor reviews.

Always meet or beat your customer expectations.   Consider the proposition that you have, then think how you can further add value to that proposition.  This could be from a hand written note of thanks, a sample of a new product, or a money off voucher from a future purchase.

I regularly buy from wiggle.co.uk, I know every time that I receive an order, I’ll get a packet of Haribo sweets.  Now I don’t buy from them just because I like running tights and have a sweet tooth, but it is a conversation starter when talking to fellow runners or friends generally.

Also, don’t ignore your customer once they have bought from you.  Think about the post sale conversations, what information they may want and are there other opportunities you could benefit from?  Are there other products or pieces of content that are relevant to their purchase?  Now that you have a relationship with your customer, you need to nurture it.  But don’t spam them with loads of content.

Always be honest with your customers.

3. Customer are more savvy about the channels they use

Your customers will have their preferred channels and these channels continue to grow as new technology and platforms are developed.  Take advantage of the available channels and make sure that your products / services are everywhere that your customers are looking.

Stay in touch with the latest developments and test the channels as they launch.

4. Create a Genuine Shopping experience

Make sure that your brand values create an emotional connection with your audience.  Don’t necessarily talk to everyone in the same way, personalise the shopping/buying experience by using Cohorts or targeted segmentation.

Use the data that you have on your customer journey to help define these experiences.  You will always learn from your customers so once you have a shopping experience, continue to optimise them.

Make sure that the experience is enjoyable.

5. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

With more than 50% of internet purchases being made on mobile devices, it has never been more important to make sure that your website is optimised for mobile.

Mobile users demand quick results, they want your website to load quickly and be optimised for their mobile experience.  So always consider and check the speed of your site.

In July 2018, Google changed the way search results appear in favour of mobile, search is now a mobile first index.  Meaning that mobile optimised pages appear before their desktop counterparts.

Other things to consider for a good mobile experience are:

  • Use of Hamburger menus
  • Make checkout easier
  • Single click payment options
  • Single click checkout options

If you want help to understand how your site is currently performing and how you can increase the overall conversion of the site, then get in touch today.



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