kpi-icon KPI Definition

Through a consultative approach, I will help you identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and operational metrics that will form the basis of business insights.  There are no one size fits all solutions, your business is unique and metrics should mirror your personal objectives.

quality-icon Data Quality Audit

The audit service is designed to give you confidence in your data. While ensuring reporting is aligned all around your business objectives.  A gap analysis will also show you what’s possible and how advanced tracking could revolutionise your understanding of the customer experience and your digital marketing.


stakeholder-icon Stakeholder Management

There can be many layers of a business, each having their own definition of success.  By standardising success metrics and educating the various stakeholders makes everyone’s life easier in the end.  It’s all about a management of expectations from requirement gathering to production of actionable insights.

arch-icon Web Analytics Architecture/Roll-out

Planning is the key to intuitive reporting.  From the original KPI definition, a structured plan of tags and naming conventions will ensure the end reporting makes sense.  This plan forms a checklist for implementation.

analytics-icon Analytics Implementation & Support

I can either deploy your tags or work with your IT team to help them understand what needs to be set and when.  An audit and verification of the tags firing at the right place is vital to ensure accurate data.  Documentation of the tags is also provided.

actionable-icon Actionable Insights not just Reports

Producing a report is easy BUT to reduce the fall out of your business funnel you need to know why you lost traffic and what to do next.  These are insights.

conversion-icon Conversion Optimisation

Increasing the percentage of visitors to your website that converts into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a web page.

online-icon Online Marketing

Either providing strategic guidance of the marketing mix or doing it all for you.  With over 15 years digital marketing experience, both B2B, and B2C, I can take some of the pain away while ensuring every activity delivers a good ROI.

training-icon Training & Mentoring

Tailored face to face training on all aspects of web analytics, from how to use analytics tools to what the metrics mean and anything else in between.  Training can either be one-off or longer term mentoring.

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