Bounce Rate %: What it is and why is it important

Bounce Rate % is important as it tells you how well your website visitors are engaging with your website. It is also a good measure to illustrate whether the visitor expectation is being managed i.e. did they find what they were looking for.

Bounce Rate % is calculated based on a visitor entering the site on a page and leaving without making any other interactions. It is a single page view.

Generally a level of acceptability of a Bounce Rate % is between 40-60%, however, this is an industry average and does not take into account the difference between an e-commerce site to a lead generation site for instance. The general rule of thumb is to understand your specific Bounce Rate %, then continue to work to improve this. Improvement means reducing it rather than aiming for 100%.

You need to consider your own specific website. If success to you means users viewing more than one page, then a high Bounce Rate is a bad thing, however if you have a single page site or have other types of content where a single-page session is expected, then a higher Bounce Rate would be expected. Google gives a few examples here.

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