Web conversion rate % is the most important factor in the success of your website performance.  It is basically the % of site visitors who complete a specific action on your website.  As an example, if your website is about buying products, then it is the number of visitors who buy something as a % of the total number of site visitors.

When you consider the journey that a visitor goes through to make an actual purchase, there are a number of key actions they need to take before getting to the order confirmation page i.e. Add to Cart, Checkout, Personal Details Page & Payment Details Page to name but a few.  These steps are the Micro Conversions of an e-commerce website.

There are two types of conversions you should be aware of in your website performance: Macro Conversions & Micro Conversions.  In the example of an e-commerce site above, the Macro Conversion would be the end purchase, the steps taken prior to making a purchase are the Micro Conversions.

It is important that your website conversions mirror the overall business objectives of you website and that everyone in the business is using the same metrics to measure success.

What is a good Conversion Rate?

It would be almost impossible to set an industry wide target Conversion Rate %.  Every website is different in terms of what it offers, how it works, how it is marketed and what specific actions (buy, register, contact etc) are deemed to be a conversion.  What is important is that you know your own website conversion rate and work tirelessly to increase this, making improvements both to your website and to the marketing activity that is driving your website traffic.  There are obviously external factors that you can’t always include in your conversion rate but should also be considered, such as:

  • How many phone calls have we received from the website, has this increased or decreased?
  • Has our social audience increased?
  • How many emails directly to the sales team/customer services etc, has this increased or decreased?

So lots to think about, and many more questions to ask.

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